Month: May 2015


Station Liège-Guillemins

I live right next to the borders of The Netherlands, so for me it’s always exciting to explore new places other than here. So when I got asked to shoot my #CozyTop5 for @team_cozy (soon more about this on un-cluttered) I wanted to do something different and special, not the usual places I go to for a quick visit. After some research I found out about station Liège-Guillemins in Belgium. People told me about it in the past, but I totally forgot about it until a few weeks ago. Luckily my boy had a day off just when the sun decided to came out to surprise us with a lovely summer’ish day. We took the car, drove for almost two hours and once we’ve reached the station, we both felt the trip was all worth it. It’s such a beautiful piece of architecture, right in a city where modern buildings are very hard to find. After he won a competition, Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava got the privilege to create the Liège-Guillemins station. Next to this …


Missed out on the Atmos x Reebok ‘Triple White’ Insta Pump Fury? Design your own!

Last Saturday the Atmos x Reebok Insta Pump Fury ‘Triple White’ was released through its Japanse retailer, and just like almost everyone else who wanted to get their hands on them: I missed out on it. Not even due to high demand, but who can order a pair of fresh sneakers on a Japanese translated website anyway? Right, not even worth the risk trying… But I might have found the perfect alternative for you, in case you aren’t familiair yet with Reebok’s ‘Design Your Own‘ customize service. It’s super easy, all you have to do is choose your favorite colors and fabrics, and you’re done. There’s a little side note to it, you can only find them on the menswear department and sizes range from 38,5 to 47. Which can be a little disappointment for the ladies with small feet. Also, if you’re about to order them, take one size down as they have a bigger fit than normal. Now it’s just waiting for them to arrive which can take up 4 to 6 weeks. …


How to find the perfect place for your plant in a minimalistic interior

Now that I’m older, my affection for greenery and flowers has been starting to grow more and more. I might have to thank my boyfriend for that, because plants are an unmissable part of the artworks he makes. He teached me how to observe the botanical world very closely, and I’m hooked ever since. I even dedicated one of my tattoo’s to it (which you can read more about in a future post, I promise). Nowadays I can watch plants all day long: how the light reflects on their leaves, how they open up during the day and close at night, how they grow in different directions and eventually how they soak up the water and sunlight. Since I have my own appartment, I’m kinda beaten by it. My boy and I collected a good selection of plants, but now we’re struggling a bit to find the right place, after all you have to do justice to each one of them. So to help myself out, and hopefully others as well, I’ve gathered some lovely …