Month: October 2015

Raw Frays & White Denims

Even though the temperatures are dropping, it’s never too late to wear skirts and crop tops during fall- and wintertime. Just plan some fancy clubbin’ with friends or a cozy dinner with the boy (or anything else that takes place inside, obviously), and you have the perfect excuse to pull it out your wardrobe. This set from House of Sunny has that minimalistic vibe all over it, well executed with thick white denim, large frontpockets and subtle raw finishing. It definitely shows off some skin on the back (which is perfectly fine! and sexy!) but it can be a little cold for now so throw it over with a sweat or coat and you’re ready to take off. To finish the clean look I’m wearing some lovely jewellery pieces from StillWithYou (remember my interview with designer Renathe?), and a white/silver watch from Charlize Watches. Where would you go with this outfit? Let me know in the comment section below, I’m really curious!

Treat your gear well

I always try to be very careful with expensive gear, especially when it comes down to my Macbook, Canon camera and iPhone. Without these handles Im pretty much useless as I need them to practice my job. So I have these special cases and sleeves to cover and protect them, but honestly, it doesn’t make them look any better. At all. So I’ve been on the look out for that perfect piece to carry my stuff with for a while now, but it has been really difficult to find a bag that’s well designed and functional at the same time. Luckily I came across this lovely neoprene tote bag by ULTRAOLIVE, executed in a simple all black colorway. There’s no laptop sleeve or iPhone case needed, because the bag features an interior pocket for laptops up to 13″, and has a front pocket for phones up to an iPhone 6 Plus. The zip tote is entirely made from abrasian & water resistant 3mm thick neoprene. Not only protective but also perfect for people who appreciate …

‘The Unaltered Form’
editorial by

I’m very thrilled to show you the first editorial we shot for UN-CLUTTERED, titled ‘The Unaltered Form’. Usually my boyfriend shoots all my outfits for the blog, but this time I needed some extra fire and that’s where my friend and talented photographer Elvira Porcedda comes in. We’ve been working together in the past for several times now and it’s so cool to see how we’ve both progressed and still know with only the use of one word, what we seek from each other. For ‘The Unaltered Form’ our inspiration comes from classic cuts, original shapes and simple, timeless designs. Comfortable, sports-inspired clothing that defines the past, present and future where the allover vibe will always remain the same, no matter how times are changing. This is not a reflection of todays fashion choices, but a reflection of my appreciation for the unaltered form. For the editorial I teamed up with Urban Outfitters as, how I see it, they always know how to keep track of the originals. I love how they find a balance …

On a Coat hunt

Yep, it’s that time of the year again to search for a new coat to survive coming winter season with. Although I’m excited to add a new cover-up, i’m always struggling to find the perfect one. It’s a piece you are going to wear for almost every day during a period of 2 to 3 months, and therefore easy to get bored by really soon. And don’t forget it has to match with your entire wardrobe (that’s where the hard part comes in). Investing in the right piece is the real challenge in here, so I decided to go on an online coat hunt first. These online treasures pretty much sums up my list of dream coats, yes, dream coats as most of them are too expensive for the current state of my wallet… But it can be really good coatspiration instead while searching for a more affordable one. Or maybe, maybe I just win the lottery and buy them all. (dreaming won’t hurt right?!) Charlie May Alpaca Coat – €1030,- &Other Stories Wool Blend …