Month: November 2018


Fall silhouettes

This Fall look revolves around this white bag I got gifted from the super sweet bag designer Yvette van Eijndhoven. You might’ve seen I visited her studio earlier this week, to see where she works and creates. Yvette started as an interior designer, but took a slightly different direction a few years ago to start make bags. Her collection holds leather bags that are recognisable by their clean cut and simple silhouettes. Durable designs for the long term run, true essentials you can say. Lately she’s experimenting with other fabrics as well, like transparant PVC, mesh, wool and canvas bags like mine. But still manages to maintain the minimalistic silhouettes she’s known for. Oh, and all handmade. I felt really inspired when I left her atelier in the Gruyterfabriek. I didn’t only took the white canvas bag with me back home, it was filled with her personal stories. I just love it when I get to meet likeminded creatives, sharing the same visions and love for clean aesthetics. It reminds me to appreciate personal contact …


Fuck Black Friday

FUCK BLACK FRIDAY. Yes you read that right. The day everyone’s hitting the stores to find the best deals out there. But true costs are: we pay a very high price in the end. A destroyed planet caused by endless consumerism. What if I tell you there IS actually a good black friday deal? For one week, starting on Black Friday, Ullac are raising their prices by 10%. They will double that 10% and give it ALL to War Child. While you’re fighting over a new pair of shoes, this organisation helps children in areas with serious conflicts. They keep ‘m safe, give them education and eventually equip them with skills for the future. Give them all the support they need: love. So head over to Ullac and be excellent to each other. Long live love. Oh, and if you like my Fuck Black Friday tee, read this carefully: all profits of this limited tee are going to War Child UK. So you’re not buying a sweater, you’re spreading love. But you are also getting …