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A backpack filled with a dose of good conscience

I while ago I talked about my 2019 goals, and one of them was ‘buying with a more conscious mind’. Translating this into investing more in durable brands who care about the environment and their production processes. And pinqponq does all of that. They not only bring really minimal backpacks and accessories to the table, but also merge design, functionality and sustainability seamlessly together.

All of their fabrics are 100% made of recycled PET bottles. And that’s not it. They also make sure toxic chemicals are completely kept out of the supply chain. They also work with the Fair Wear Foundation to improve the workplace conditions in their factories in Vietnam. To make it complete, their products are also peta approved vegan, so no animals were hurt either. Which means pinqponq cares about everything, everyone and everywhere.

It definitely inspires me to continue with my future goals, to also care about my surroundings more. That’s why I decided to, among other things, quit using PET bottles from now on. (I think there’s more than enough left for pinqponq to recycle), and I now carry my own reusable water bottle with me everywhere I go. I also convinced my boy to do the same, hopefully more will follow… For now enjoy a little editorial together with Jordi, where we carry our backpack filled with a dose of good conscience.

Jordi | Backpack: pinqponq | Sweater: A.P.C. | Trousers: Universal Works |Coat: Selected Homme | Shoes: Novesta | Glasses: Ace & Tate | Cap: Vintage

Me | Backpack : pinqponq | Top: Uniqlo x Christophe Lemaire | Trousers: &Other Stories | Sunglasses: Komono | Trenchcoat: Uniqlo | Shoes: New Balance