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A lesson about reflecting, by Robin Lois

I’m super thrilled to share this series, shot by the super talented Robin Lois. Robin & and I met through Instagram a while ago, and not long after we found out we really live close by, basically around the corner. Such a coincidence, right? So she asked me to come over to model for a fun project of hers, and that’s when we also found out we both have a Japanese dog of almost the same age and we both share the same Indonesian roots. Which was even more coincidental! Even though this was our first meeting, it felt like we already knew each other for such a long time.

These moments are extra dear to me, in a world where everyone connects behind a screen more, and more. I just love to meet up with likeminded creatives like Robin, and support each other in our work and all the aspirations we have. It reminds me to stay present in the physical world, and to keep connecting with new people to share our ideas and ideals with. That’s when the real magic happens, not behind the screen. So Robin did hold up a mirror in front of me, in all literal sense.

I asked Robin to explain her story further, and she told me she always tries to capture a moment that shows someone’s inner beauty: “I like hidden messages in my art and for people to think about the meaning behind the photo. In this photoshoot with Chloë, I used mirrors and flowers. Its about stillness, taking your time and to be able to reflect about yourself. Who do I see when I look in the mirror? What do other people see, and what do I want them to see? Every person has different sides to them, and I tried to show it by using more than one mirror. The flowers represent the beauty and growth when you are able to see yourself in a different light.”

See the results, a lesson about reflecting by Robin Lois, down below and let me know your thoughts. More of her work can be found here (she just started over with curating her gram, but expect more soon!).