un-cluttered is a blog dedicated to those who like to simplify their lifestyle, initiated by Chloë Alyshea Emily. You may know her as the former co-founder of online magazine THRLD, in which she covered the movement between high fashion and streetwear while entering the fields of fashion, art & music.

With un-cluttered Chloë now shares her personal perspective on how to embrace a minimalistic lifestyle, offering a curated balance between simple design and essential needs. But, all with that classic urban vibe to it which plays an important role in her life. With her experiences in fashion journalism & photography, Chloë collects her stories both textually and visually, to inspire like-minded individuals and creatives around the world.


Want to collaborate with me, advertise on my page or do you have other inquiries? You can simply reach me at info@un-cluttered.com and I will answer it as soon as possible.

Located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.