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Soft and natural

Lately I’ve been trying to create a lower impact on my environment. It’s just small steps, but every step counts, right? Think of taking short showers, carry a reusable drinking bottle, use my own grocery shopping bag, avoid fast fashion and recycle clothing. Oh, and my bike is my best friend ;)

But I would’ve never thought you can also create a lower impact by using consciously created underwear. And that’s exactly what Organic Basics is all about. They make soft, natural essentials, made from TENCEL™ Lyocell. Fabrics that care about the environment too.

Softer than silk, smoother than cotton. Like a second layer of skin. I teamed up once again with my talented girl Robin Lois to create a story that represents that.

Enjoy the outcome down below and make sure to explore Organic Basics‘ underwear line. Psst.. use my code ‘CHLOEBC’ for a little bit of discount. (Valid until the 24th of June.)




In a state of calmness

A few weeks ago I had the chance to meet up with the lovely Marieke, owner of slow fashion label Aesthetic Stories. While we were sipping on our cup of coffees, she told me more about her brand and their innovative values. Aesthetics Stories clearly is here to shake up the industry with their consciously designed garments. Their latest collection ‘Quietude’ is a perfect example of that. Made of 100% organic cotton,  they take their mission to create a healthy fashion industry to a serious level.


“Quietude grasps a moment of silence in our vibrant yet sometimes chaotic lifestyle. It channels the nurture for nature, the calmness we tend to miss on a regular day, and the female capabilities we embrace.” – Aesthetic Stories


For me personally, quietude means to be in a certain state of calmness. It can be the easy things in life. From morning walks through the park with my dog to new plant ‘babies’ sprouting at home, reading inspiring books, enjoying a nice hot bath at my parents, exploring new hidden gems in town, catching the first Spring sun after a long and cold winter, meeting new likeminded people, brew my own morning coffee, have new flowers on our table or the perfect sun rays breaking into our home. Simple things, but those are also things that add value to life. Do you question yourself what adds value to your life? From material possessions, relationships to how you spend your time. It can be good to question yourself every now and then, and find time to grasp a moment of silence in our vibrant, yet chaotic lifestyle… Just like Quietude.

In this series I tried to merge the love I have for everything nature, with my other love: concrete. It symbolises the harmony between nature & city life. Or maybe the conflict.. That, I leave up to you.

I’m wearing Aesthetic Stories’ Lamia trousers, together with the Vanity sweater. If you like to know how and where they are produced, please read along on their website, where you can find the full journey behind all of their products.


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When life gives you lemons

Me and Berdine are back! A while ago we had our first collaboration, which you can see here. And we thought it was about time for something fresh and new, so here it is… Nothing beats a fresh lemon right?! ;P

For those who don’t know Berdine yet, she’s a bag/accessory designer where sustainability plays a mayor role. Everything she makes is made by hand, creating timeless, minimal and unisex designs. As she likes to say by herself: “every item I design is made with love for perfection.” And that’s no lie!

Two weeks ago we met up for the first time in real life (which is always a bit weird when you talk to each other on the gram on a weekly base), and from the first minute we saw each other, it felt like we were really good friends. Friends with the same taste for aesthetics, and friends with the same vision on fashion, durability and sustainability. We had a real connection going on there. After a super delicious lunch, the sweet Berdine gifted me this custom made clutch bag, which is a gimmick of the paper lunch bag. But then a minimalistic version of it, made from the softest white leather, with BERDINE embossed in it. It’s the perfect carry away item. Wether you use it as a clutch, or as a bag-in-bag construction, it’s functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Enjoy the pictures I made with my boy down below, and get to know BERDINE a little better through her website, or the gram.

Bag: Berdine | Cap: Weekday | Turtleneck: Weekday | Top: Uniqlo x Christopher Lemare | Trousers: Weekday | Sneakers: adidas Originals

A lesson about reflecting, by Robin Lois

I’m super thrilled to share this series, shot by the super talented Robin Lois. Robin & and I met through Instagram a while ago, and not long after we found out we really live close by, basically around the corner. Such a coincidence, right? So she asked me to come over to model for a fun project of hers, and that’s when we also found out we both have a Japanese dog of almost the same age and we both share the same Indonesian roots. Which was even more coincidental! Even though this was our first meeting, it felt like we already knew each other for such a long time.

These moments are extra dear to me, in a world where everyone connects behind a screen more, and more. I just love to meet up with likeminded creatives like Robin, and support each other in our work and all the aspirations we have. It reminds me to stay present in the physical world, and to keep connecting with new people to share our ideas and ideals with. That’s when the real magic happens, not behind the screen. So Robin did hold up a mirror in front of me, in all literal sense.

I asked Robin to explain her story further, and she told me she always tries to capture a moment that shows someone’s inner beauty: “I like hidden messages in my art and for people to think about the meaning behind the photo. In this photoshoot with Chloë, I used mirrors and flowers. Its about stillness, taking your time and to be able to reflect about yourself. Who do I see when I look in the mirror? What do other people see, and what do I want them to see? Every person has different sides to them, and I tried to show it by using more than one mirror. The flowers represent the beauty and growth when you are able to see yourself in a different light.”

See the results, a lesson about reflecting by Robin Lois, down below and let me know your thoughts. More of her work can be found here (she just started over with curating her gram, but expect more soon!).

A backpack filled with a dose of good conscience

I while ago I talked about my 2019 goals, and one of them was ‘buying with a more conscious mind’. Translating this into investing more in durable brands who care about the environment and their production processes. And pinqponq does all of that. They not only bring really minimal backpacks and accessories to the table, but also merge design, functionality and sustainability seamlessly together.

All of their fabrics are 100% made of recycled PET bottles. And that’s not it. They also make sure toxic chemicals are completely kept out of the supply chain. They also work with the Fair Wear Foundation to improve the workplace conditions in their factories in Vietnam. To make it complete, their products are also peta approved vegan, so no animals were hurt either. Which means pinqponq cares about everything, everyone and everywhere.

It definitely inspires me to continue with my future goals, to also care about my surroundings more. That’s why I decided to, among other things, quit using PET bottles from now on. (I think there’s more than enough left for pinqponq to recycle), and I now carry my own reusable water bottle with me everywhere I go. I also convinced my boy to do the same, hopefully more will follow… For now enjoy a little editorial together with Jordi, where we carry our backpack filled with a dose of good conscience.

Jordi | Backpack: pinqponq | Sweater: A.P.C. | Trousers: Universal Works |Coat: Selected Homme | Shoes: Novesta | Glasses: Ace & Tate | Cap: Vintage

Me | Backpack : pinqponq | Top: Uniqlo x Christophe Lemaire | Trousers: &Other Stories | Sunglasses: Komono | Trenchcoat: Uniqlo | Shoes: New Balance

Less is More | Museum Voorlinden

Last week my boyfriend and I were invited by Museum Voorlinden for another #emptyvoorlinden meet-up. This time it’s all about the ‘Less is More’ exhibition. Like the name already suggests, the expo questions our Western habits about always wanting more in an era where our living standards are higher than ever. Why are we never satisfied?

A question that comes to my mind lately more and more as well. I try to be more conscious when it comes to consuming. I want to contribute to a healthy planet, and fashion is quite the opposite. It’s one of the top-5 most polluting industries in the world, alongside the oil industry. Shocking right? Consuming becomes more addictive, and we buy more clothing and stuff than we need. Stacey Dooley captured fashion’s dirty secrets in a shocking documentary, and I highly recommend to watch it. I found this one that’s available to watch until March 7th, so please do while you can. It’s a true eye opener.

Luckily there’s a counter-movement emerging. Think of durable, sustainable fashion, but also the Tiny House movement, chefs that promote simple authentic dishes, and gurus like Marie Kondo and her successful tips on reducing clutter. (I did not like her Netflix series though, but that’s one I will save for later haha).

Anyway, it seems we find new meaning in buying less and to choose well. Minimalism became a way of life. And it also shows in the art scene starting in the ’60’s until today: artists are once again seizing on minimalistic principles. Reuse, organise and reduction. The Less is More exhibition by Museum Voorlinden demonstrates how artists are returning to the essence of things: a new start and a clean slate.

During the #emptyvoorlinden event we had the chance to see the works of Jan Schoonhoven, Ann Veronica Janssens, Liza Lou, Pascale Marthine, Ai Wei Wei, Alicja Kwade, Eva Rothschild, Miroslaw Balka, Kishio Suga among others in an empty museum to take the perfect ‘minimal’ shots while getting inspired by their artworks and personal takes on the Less is More movement. Enjoy our recap down below, and let me know your thoughts!

Less is More is now on show at Museum Voorlinden. Find more info here.

Getting transparant with you

2019 is all about getting more transparant for me. I want to be more personal with you, talking about my private life a bit more and get to know you better as well. I realised I always keep things at a distance in the digital world, but in real life it’s definitely not the case. I think it’s because it’s kind of weird to tell personal stuff to a ‘screen’, instead of a person who’s sharing the same room as you. But hey, let’s just give it a try. New year, new me, here I am :P

Lately I’ve been a bit absent from everything. I think I owe you an explanation of that. Some might know, other’s might not, but I’m running my own content creation agency besides blogging. It’s my fulltime job for three years now, and I am enjoying it to the fullest. It’s the best freedom you can have: being your own boss and to decide who you want to work with and who not, when you are working ánd where you are working. I’m not bound to one office, to one ‘boss’ or to one task. And that’s exactly what I’ve always wanted: to travel between places, to meet new inspiring people and to do lots of different tasks, everyday.

But just like every job, this can get a bit lame after a while too. Not because it’s boring, but because of the feeling you don’t evolve enough. Working in fashion and online marketing can get really intense. Especially when you have to be online 24/7. ‘One day you’re in, next day you’re out’, like Heidi Klum always says. And that’s exactly how it can feel sometimes. In a blink everything can change, and the fear of missing out is part of that.

So in November I decided to take some time off, rent an apartment at the beach for a few days, reset my mind and get my personal goals together. And what a good choice it was. I came back full of inspiration, with new plans and ideas. With a strong vision, and also with some clear changes I wanted to make. One of them is to make more time for myself and my family, and forget about the screen more. And if I’m behind the screen, I want to tell something. Not just about a new outfit, but a real story. ‘Carry on’, Tim Gunn would say. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do! But in a different way.

So here’s a list of a few of my goals for this year, and hopefully I’m able to get a grip on them. I also made some business goals for myself, but might share them later in another post with more context.

2019 GOALS

• Spend not more than 3 hours a day on my phone (sometimes I spend 6 fucking hours a day… INSANE)
• Don’t gift gifts anymore, but experiences. I really hate to spend money on useless gifts for someone’s birthday, so I decided to only gift experiences from now on.
• Read more books and magazines instead of blogs.
• Go on a solo trip every year (I never travelled alone before this trip at sea, and now I want more. Next one will be abroad. If you have any tips, please let me know!).
• Do more with my hands. I want to learn new crafts with different workshops, from making ceramics (like I did here) to learning to sew. And again, if you have nice ideas for me to try out, I want to hear from you!
• Invest in good basics and essentials, get rid of the hype stuff. Bye Supreme. (selling lots on United Wardrobe if you’re interested)
• Buy less in general.
• Buy with a more conscious mind, no fast fashion allowed. Invest in durable brands, who care about the environment and production processes.

And last but not least: make my dream trip to Japan. And guess what, we are going in October! Looking SOOOO FORWARD TO THIS. I have this huge addiction with everything Japanese (hello Terrace House.. hehe), and now it’s time to finally go there and see the culture, architecture and nature by myself. I’m already busy planning out the trip, but so hard to choose from all the beautiful places. If you have some must visits for me, please slide into my DM so I can consider them all.

Okay, enough for now. Hope you like to read more posts like this and I will definitely do my best to keep it personal while still trying to inspire you with my outfits. If you have any questions or feedback for me, don’t hesitate to get in touch through my Instagram. And let me know what your goals are, we might inspire each other as well. See you!

Wearing | Coat: Cos | Knitted sweater: Adnym Atelier | Denim trousers: Weekday | Bag: Yvette van Eijndhoven (Nikky bag) | Magazine: Kinfolk | Sneakers: New Balance | Hat: Reality Studio

Pictures by Yvette van Eijndhoven







OER Ceramics workshop by Kirstie van Noort & Lotte de Raadt

Last month I joined one of the OER Ceramics workshops hosted by Kirstie van Noort & Lotte de Raadt at NulZes, Eindhoven. It’s a workshop where you learn how to make and color your own porcelain tableware. As a digital creative I was looking for other ways to create instead from behind a screen. Wether it’s with my computer, laptop, phone or camera, there’s always a screen involved. Something that can be quite tiresome if it’s your day to day job. So I started to look for physical inspiring activities, and when I found out about the OER workshops I got super excited right away. I’ve always been interested in ceramics. I love the minimal designs of it, the pure materials and the craftwork that’s involved. So yes, I was really curious to find out how it’s made and the story behind it.

What’s it about

So the workshop is part of their OER project, where Kirstie & Lotte harvested iron ore from different wetlands across Europe. “The project started in 2016 in a small village called Vessem, The Netherlands. Vessem is one of the many groundwater protections areas under the control of Brabant Water. A vulnerable area where the region’s tap water is sourced. The water is extracted from sources of dozens of meters deep, and is about 50 to 200 years old. Most of the oxygen in the water is already disappeared, and metals like manganese and iron are dissolved. In order to make our water from the tap drinkable, it undergoes an extensive process of filtration. One of the residues of this filtration is oxidized iron, in Dutch called “Oer”. This is a solid residual and can be characterized by its deep red colour.”

The workshop is divided into two parts. First you start with a short introduction. Then you will learn how to use a plaster mould and pour your own porcelain cups, bowls and plates. The porcelain clay is pre-made and ready to use, coloured with OER pigments. These pigments forms the base to create 2 cups, 2 bowls and 2 plates. After pouring the clay in the moulds, they’re ready to get in the kiln.

The second part is all about glazing & colouring the other 2 cups, 2 bowls and 2 plates, made from white biscuit fired porcelain. During this part you can get as creative as you want. You’re free to choose your own colors Kirstie & Lotte already developed for you, and mix them up. They will explain some of their simple color techniques like dipping, spray painting or masking. You get time to make some sketches first, but for the real confidents ones you can start right away. Kirstie told me some people already made experimental collages or pinterest boards to use as their inspiration, so yes, just do whatever you like and what feels good!

After the workshop Kirstie & Lotte will carefully glaze and fire the items, ready for shipping or you can pick them up at the studio after a few days.

The experience

It was really inspiring to spend the day in their studio, and to hear all the stories behind the OER project from Kirstie (Lotte was abroad for a project of hers). I did not only learn some basic knowledge on how to make and color porcelain, but overall I realised there’s much more than only the product itself. The research part of each collection (Kirstie’s graduation project for her Cornwall collection took 5 years of research!), the way how Kirstie and Lotte collect their materials from the rarest corners in the world, how they manage to turn residual products into something new and beautiful, and how they master the techniques and even develop their own recipes. If you count all of this together, and realise how many hours it takes to create a collection… or even one piece. Wow! Never would’ve thought that. It’s an unique craftsmanship that deserves all of your respect. Next time I sip coffee from my handmade cup, it will remind me of all the hard work, love and passion that have been put in. It will never be an ordinary cup of coffee anymore. And that’s how it should be right. To be more conscious and aware of the products you are using day-to-day.


Find a visual recap I made down below to get an impression of the workshop, including the end results… Kirstie also showed me her workspace / studio upstairs, which is a place she shares with a few other creatives. So expect a short studio sneak peek at the end as well.

Got curious? I would definitely recommend everyone to participate, even if you’re not that skilled at all (like me haha). Just get out of your comfort zone, try something different and step in the world of ceramics. Or, you could gift this experience to someone else as a Christmas treat instead of the usual presents. Great idea right?

The next courses will be held in February and March and there are only a few places left. For more info and to participate visit here. Oh, and don’t forget to follow Kirstie on her adventures, the next one will be in Japan…

Get in touch:
Kirstie van Noort
Lotte de Raadt
Oer Project

The process.


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The studio.


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The results.




Exposition: Ann Veronica Janssens at De Pont

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I went to visit one of my fave museums in my country: De Pont in Tilburg. The exposition from Ann Veronica Janssens just had opened but I already heard good stories about it. A perfect excuse to visit this inspiring modern art place again.

The work of Ann Veronica Janssens is all about light, color and space. She creates true magic with her sculptures and installations, making the invisible visible. I love how her work interacts with her audience, so you even become part of the artwork yourself.

For me, the highlight of the exposition is Ann’s ‘white cube’ experience. It’s a cube filled with mist, which you can enter and explore. Okay, what’s so special about it you must think. It’s the way Ann uses the presence of different lights, which makes you disorientate completely. It was a real challenge to find the walls of the cube, and I even started to think if I was all alone in there (there are only 5 people allowed at the same time). Confession: I asked my boyfriend to hold my hand, as I was scared to get lost. It’s only a small cube, but once you step inside you enter a whole different world. Ann knows how to test your senses and pushes you to find out what you really see.

You can visit the exposition of Ann Veronica Janssens until the 31st of March, alongside other very cool exhibitions including works from Anne & Patrick Poirier and Michaël de Kok.

PS: sorry for the low quality pictures, we weren’t allowed to take our camera’s inside, only our phones.

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Fall silhouettes

This Fall look revolves around this white bag I got gifted from the super sweet bag designer Yvette van Eijndhoven. You might’ve seen I visited her studio earlier this week, to see where she works and creates. Yvette started as an interior designer, but took a slightly different direction a few years ago to start make bags. Her collection holds leather bags that are recognisable by their clean cut and simple silhouettes. Durable designs for the long term run, true essentials you can say. Lately she’s experimenting with other fabrics as well, like transparant PVC, mesh, wool and canvas bags like mine. But still manages to maintain the minimalistic silhouettes she’s known for. Oh, and all handmade.

I felt really inspired when I left her atelier in the Gruyterfabriek. I didn’t only took the white canvas bag with me back home, it was filled with her personal stories. I just love it when I get to meet likeminded creatives, sharing the same visions and love for clean aesthetics. It reminds me to appreciate personal contact more, instead of keeping it digital. (most of my collabs are). So hopefully more meet ups like these will follow in the near future.

For now you can see me wearing the bag in three different ways down below. You can hold it like a clutch, fold the edges inside or just go for the classic shopper look. All three of them are super practical, depending on how much stuff you need to carry of course. Interested in becoming an owner of Yvette’s bags as well? Just pop to her instagram page @yvettevaneijndhoven and slide into her DM. Or wait a bit, she will launch her webshop very soon…

Wearing | Jacket: Weekday | Skirt: Uniqlo | Sneakers: New Balance | Bag: Yvette van Eijndhoven | Jewelry: The Boyscouts & Effra