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Walking on cloud nine with adidas’ POD S3.1

I’m really excited to share my latest project in collaboration with adidas Eindhoven. They hooked me up with their latest adidas Pod S3.1 sneakers, in my fave colorway: white, more white and a little bit of black. I paired them up with a flowy slip dress, worn with an oversized white shirt (which I found at the plus size section at H&M sssttt). The belt I’ve made on my own. Really simple, clean and sophisticated with lots of movement involved. Exactly how I like it. Look at the results down below, included a few shots together with Mike de Wolff (adidas), shot by Remy de Boysere.

Look 1: adidas Originals: sneakers | H&M: slipdress & shirt | The Boyscouts: all jewelry | Weekday: sunglasses |
Look 2: adidas Originals: sneakers | Mosch Copenhagen: denim trousers | H&M: denim jacket (men’s) | The Boyscouts: all jewelry | Weekday: sunglasses |











Orange affair

Wait what. Orange? Color? Neon poppings?? Eh yes, I’m wearing color. I’m actually having an affair with Mr. bright orange… But hey, may I for once :D I paired it up with Weekday’s latest Limited Edition Denim collection. The ecru tones are the perfect fit for Mr. bright orange, don’t ya think? Well… kinda like this love story <3

Wearing: Weekday Limited Edition Denim Row ecru jeans | Weekday Limited Edition Vermont T-shirt | Vintage sunglasses | The Boyscouts jewellery | Action strap (yes it’s that strap you normally use for your car or something. oops) |










Un-Cluttered x Hutspot

So a few weeks ago, Hutspot asked me to do a short but fun shoot together. Hutspot is a combination of fashion, design and local art, aiming to offer a platform for young creatives. They have 5 stores now, including my hometown Eindhoven. Working with the local creative scene is something they love to do; for instance my boyfriend sold some of his art works over there. So yes, I was a fan already. (Also this is a subtile advice to visit their stores if you’re around, obviously).

Anyway, the plan was to make it entirely ‘un-cluttered’, from styling and location to of course, my clean easthetics. Normally I’m the worst control freak (my boy knows XD), but I saw it as an opportunity to once let go of everything and trust the Hutspot-team in this one. Glad I did, because I love what we’ve created together. You can find the looks down below – including items from the Hutspot collection, Samsøe & Samsøe, Selected Femme and Frisur – together with some iPhone shots I made of the location.

Photography: Nolwenn le Flanchec
Concept & Styling: Daniël Heijl, Lilian Heinis (Hutspot)

Wearing | All clothing and accessories are available at Hutspot | Nike: Air Max 98 sneakers (my own) | Weekday: sunglasses (my own)



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Berlin Fashion Week diary

Last week Berlin Fashion Week took place from 3-5 July. When I saw the invitations coming in, there was no doubt. This time I would go and visit. And this time I brought one of my besties with me, Chiyen Lam. Chiyen is a friend I know through Instagram long long time ago. We – my boyfriend and I – published her work back in the days through our online magazine THRLD, and the contact still remained. If you watch my Stories, I’m pretty sure you saw her face pop up ;) So funny how E-friends (you know, people you know from the internets), can turn into one of your closest friends.

Meet Chiyen Lam

So who is this girl? She def deserves a proper introduction if you don’t know her already. Chiyen is a Fashion Design graduate at the Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam. During her study she lived and worked for half a year in London while doing an internship at fashion label House of Sunny. She returned, graduated and she’s now a busy lady trying to make a career out of fashion and styling. She worked with brands like Moe Oslo, Fraenck, The Boyscouts, Daily Paper, Genuine Fake and many more. Besides that, she’s really passionated about everything Martin Margiela. So Martin, if you read this: watch this girl haha!


Anyway, we booked our tickets and stay very last minute. Honestly, best decision ever. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow right. We stayed at this super pretty AirBnB located in Friedrichshain, hosted by the very charming Jude. He’s from Nigeria, lived in London and moved to Berlin 8 years ago. He is the best host I’ve ever met, and has a great taste for interior design. So if you’re looking for a nice place to stay, please visit his apartment!


Our schedule was pretty relaxed: a side-event with Danish brand Minimum and streetwear mag Highsnobiety for their SS19 collection presentation on July the 4th. And watching the runway show from Ivanman on July 5th. Really sorry I can’t show pictures of the Ivanman show, as the lightning on the catwalk was really bad to take pictures with. But you can watch a proper recap down here. Too bad we didn’t make it to see more shows, as we had to travel back for work. #life. Hopefully next season we can catch up on it.

& more

Chiyen and I are both Berlin professionals, we both visit Berlin every year or so. So we could skip all the touristy parts in our spare time, and decided to mainly enjoy the food (omg Korean BBQ at Warschauerstrasse!), nature at Schlachtensee (it was 30 degrees people), watch the WK competition at Yaam (a city beach with Caribbean vibes), and do a bit of shopping (Hi Voo Store, Muji & Wood Wood).

Architecture & Moe Oslo

Last but not least: the beautiful architecture of the Marie Elisabeth Lüders House. The place we took shots of our Moe Oslo outfits as a sweet memory. Moe Oslo is Scandinavian brand offering contemporary pieces with a strong focus on high quality, and clean cuts. The label is now based in Amsterdam and I got to meet the super sweet owner Henriette Moe Winses before we left to Berlin. I was seriously in love with everything she makes, and wished I could just throw everything into my suitcase. But Chiyen and I eventually choose our outfits, which you can check out down below for a closer look.

Enough talking, catch a recap of our stay by scrolling through. And Berlin, thank you for having us. Auf wiedersehen und bis schnell!

Wearing: Chiyen | Moe Oslo shirt | H&M trousers & earrings | The Boyscouts necklace | Mango bag | Converse shoes |
Me | Moe Oslo top, trousers and belt | The boyscouts x Ceizer necklace | & Other Stories earrings | Raf Simons x adidas sneakers

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Out of office

Sometimes you just want to escape your daily workspace to find a new focus elsewhere. And sometimes the solution is so easy: a concrete office, the best clean desk there is. No clutter, no dishes waiting for you, no dog screaming for attention. Only concrete floors and walls you can talk to. Sounds perfect to me. *Out of office

Wearing & using: Berdine The Minimal XL & The Sleeve | Apple Macbook 13″ | Moss Copenhagen denim trousers | Nike Air Max 98 runners |


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Voorlinden Bakery Case pop-up | Wayne Thiebaud expo opening

Two weeks ago I was invited to attend Wayne Thiebaud’s exposition opening at Museum Voorlinden. Next to figures and landscapes, the American artist is especially famed for his super-tasty paintings of cakes, ice-cream and hotdogs. Iconic for the American culture. Voorlinden explained to us they are the first European museum hosting a full exhibition with Thiebaud’s works and it was about time to introduce it to their audience, and I get why. Thibaud’s blobs of syrupy paint makes you almost drool, as the dry paint almost looks like real cake icing. So don’t come with an empty stomach, there’s a great chance you want to lick off the paintings ;).

When we arrived early in the morning, they welcomed us in the museum garden at their Bakery Case pop-up. In this way the museum actually brought Thiebaud’s paintings to life. It was not only very tempting for the hungry belly, but just as much a lust for the eye. We sat down in the sun, got some super delicious homemade cake and cappuccino served, while sitting in a super aesthetically designed bakery. The chairs we sat on, the colourful tableware and lightning with bright and pastel colors, all referred to Thibauds unique colorscheme. The Bakery concept is so well thought and perfectly executed, I was so blown away. All credits go to Voorlinden who initiated it, and of course the creative designers they collaborated with who made it all happen (Just Haasnoot – Weltevree – De Intuïtiefabriek – Valerie Objects).

See a recap of this unique experience down below, and make sure to visit while it lasts! The Wayne Thiebaud exposition and the Bakery Case pop-up will be there until September 16th.


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The Boyscouts x Ceizer limited collection

So excited about this collab! Jewellery brand The Boyscouts teamed up with typographical artist Ceizer. Together they created a limited edition collection, consisting of three necklaces. Every design holds a strong message engraved on the front and back. The cool thing is, you can wear each necklace separately or together, which allows you to create your own personal story.

You can choose between OUI/SEX | PERFECT/YOU&ME | LOVE/PEACE. Well, this is mine: OUI, YOU&ME and LOVE. Oh, how well behaved you must think (nothing wrong with that of course), but there’s a little twist to it! For those who are familiair with Ceizer’s work, ‘LOVE’ is actually ment as EVOL. So it’s a little secret between my boy and I. He reads it as Oui, You&Me, Evol, while others think I’m just a well behaving little girl. Hihi….

Also, I gifted my boy two out of three necklaces for his upcoming birthday. I choose the OUI/SEX & EVOL/LOVE combination. He can figure out on his own what story he would like to tell…

The collection will launch on Friday June 15th through amongst other selected stores, in a limited run of 100 each. So hurry and grab yours! In the mean time you can check out the editorial I created together with the boy down below <3

Wearing: The Boyscouts x Ceizer necklaces | Her Line white swimming suit | Weekday black swimming suit |


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Summer proof: 1 look, 3 ways to style

Even though we’re still in the midst of Spring season, I’m already preparing for those steamy Summer days. And luckily we already got treated on some hot Summer days with tropical temperatures. So forget about your pants, it’s time to expose some legs!

For this shoot I had the chance to collaborate with Baukjen, a fashion brand founded by Baukjen de Swaan Arons. She’s born in Amsterdam (yay Dutchie!), but raised in London. Her collections are inspired by both capitals, creating easy clothing for your everyday city wardrobe. Think of relaxed fits, effortless styles and simple cuts, bringing timeless essentials to the table. Exactly my cup of tea ;)!

I wanted to show you how you can easily turn your summer-dress in 3 different looks, using only two pieces: a white dress & a striped shirt. Two essentials that can’t be missed in a woman’s closet. This is not only a fun how-to-wear, but I also wanted to raise awareness about ‘recycling’ your items. To let you think twice about buying just another dress, but instead let your creativity flow and find new ways to wear it. In this way I hope you can easily translate your favourite items into a fresh and fun Summer-look!

So scroll through and let me know what you think of it, or if you have any other ideas to style this outfit.

Wearing: Baukjen dress | Baukjen shirt | Sun Buddies sunglasses | The Boyscouts jewelry |





Move easy

Meet Ucon Acrobatics, known for their minimalistic designed backpacks from Berlin. They create goods made to enable your journeys and explorations, while keeping the functional elements. Perfect for light packers like me. It can be a struggle to find an every day bag that fit your needs (read: store your goods in a ‘subtle’ way). Or it’s too big, or just too small… But Ucon’s Luca bag is just perfect.

Its a waist bag that can be worn as a hand bag as well. It features the perfect amount of compartments: one for your phone, wallet and passport. It also has a foldable tablet sleeve (unfortunately I don’t own one ‘yet’), and even includes a bicycle lock and light holder. I might not be using those that much, but it gives the bag that ‘utility’ look which I can resemble with.

Also: I figured out I can use the bag also as a camera bag. My Canon Mark 2 body fits perfectly, together with a small 1.8 50MM lens. And the bag still looks sleek while wearing it, instead of a big ‘unit’ that travels with you haha. So yes, the bag makes me move easy through the day. From a photography shoot to a city stroll, dog walk or meet-up with friends, the bag can handle it all.

My boy – who is an illustrator & designer – had to get one too after he heard about it, and choose the Hajo backpack. This backpack is extremely high water resistance. Perfect to carry his drawing stuff, books and iPad Pro 12,9″ with. In this way he’s sure his stuff doesn’t get wet when it’s raining outside.

Scroll down for a closer look and let me know your thoughts!

Wearing: Chloë: Ucon Acrobatics Luca bag | Kangol hat | Weekday x FILA sweater (in-store April 18th) | Vanilia skirt | adidas Stan Smith sneakers | The Boyscouts jewelry |

Jordi: Ucon Acrobatics Hajo Backpack | ARKET sweater | Weekday jeans | Ace & Tate glasses |







Easy elegance with Hemsmith

I’m really excited to share you this latest collaboration between Hemsmith and me. Hemsmith is NYC-based slow fashion brand, with a clear minimalistic aesthetic. All of their clothes are locally produced, where they choose to focus on quality and season-less collections.

Hemsmith’s timeless, modern and durable approach immediately caught my eye. Really honoured to be working with their thoughtfully designed garments. Taking influences from the Scandinavian and Far Eastern style, I know I found the perfect every day basics. Think of Japanese silhouettes, layered styles, flowy lines an thick fabrics, making them strong statement pieces.

The first look includes the Kitsan Kimono Jacket, paying homage to the classic kimono. This updated version is made from Indigo-dyed denim with an oversized fit. Which makes it the perfect layer piece for Spring, as it can be worn with almost everything.

For the second look, I got to style the Rey Long Coat along with the matching Leigh Pleated Pants. Together they create some pretty easy elegance due to its flowy oversized layers, creating an architectural look.

Scroll down for the mini editorial I created together with my boy Bien Philty, and let me know what you think <3

Wearing | Look 1: Hemsmith Kitsan Kimono | H&M trousers | COS sweater & earrings | The Boyscouts Atlas ring | New Balance trainers | Look 2: Hemsmith Rey Long Coat & Leigh Pleather Pants | COS sweater & earrings | The Boyscouts Atlas ring | New Balance trainers |