OER Ceramics workshop by Kirstie van Noort & Lotte de Raadt

Last month I joined one of the OER Ceramics workshops hosted by Kirstie van Noort & Lotte de Raadt at NulZes, Eindhoven. It’s a workshop where you learn how to make and color your own porcelain tableware. As a digital creative I was looking for other ways to create instead from behind a screen. Wether it’s with my computer, laptop, phone or camera, there’s always a screen involved. Something that can be quite tiresome if it’s your day to day job. So I started to look for physical inspiring activities, and when I found out about the OER workshops I got super excited right away. I’ve always been interested in ceramics. I love the minimal designs of it, the pure materials and the craftwork that’s involved. So yes, I was really curious to find out how it’s made and the story behind it. What’s it about So the workshop is part of their OER project, where Kirstie & Lotte harvested iron ore from different wetlands across Europe. “The project started in 2016 in a small …


How to find the perfect place for your plant in a minimalistic interior

Now that I’m older, my affection for greenery and flowers has been starting to grow more and more. I might have to thank my boyfriend for that, because plants are an unmissable part of the artworks he makes. He teached me how to observe the botanical world very closely, and I’m hooked ever since. I even dedicated one of my tattoo’s to it (which you can read more about in a future post, I promise). Nowadays I can watch plants all day long: how the light reflects on their leaves, how they open up during the day and close at night, how they grow in different directions and eventually how they soak up the water and sunlight. Since I have my own appartment, I’m kinda beaten by it. My boy and I collected a good selection of plants, but now we’re struggling a bit to find the right place, after all you have to do justice to each one of them. So to help myself out, and hopefully others as well, I’ve gathered some lovely …