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Getting transparant with you

2019 is all about getting more transparant for me. I want to be more personal with you, talking about my private life a bit more and get to know you better as well. I realised I always keep things at a distance in the digital world, but in real life it’s definitely not the case. I think it’s because it’s kind of weird to tell personal stuff to a ‘screen’, instead of a person who’s sharing the same room as you. But hey, let’s just give it a try. New year, new me, here I am :P

Lately I’ve been a bit absent from everything. I think I owe you an explanation of that. Some might know, other’s might not, but I’m running my own content creation agency besides blogging. It’s my fulltime job for three years now, and I am enjoying it to the fullest. It’s the best freedom you can have: being your own boss and to decide who you want to work with and who not, when you are working ánd where you are working. I’m not bound to one office, to one ‘boss’ or to one task. And that’s exactly what I’ve always wanted: to travel between places, to meet new inspiring people and to do lots of different tasks, everyday.

But just like every job, this can get a bit lame after a while too. Not because it’s boring, but because of the feeling you don’t evolve enough. Working in fashion and online marketing can get really intense. Especially when you have to be online 24/7. ‘One day you’re in, next day you’re out’, like Heidi Klum always says. And that’s exactly how it can feel sometimes. In a blink everything can change, and the fear of missing out is part of that.

So in November I decided to take some time off, rent an apartment at the beach for a few days, reset my mind and get my personal goals together. And what a good choice it was. I came back full of inspiration, with new plans and ideas. With a strong vision, and also with some clear changes I wanted to make. One of them is to make more time for myself and my family, and forget about the screen more. And if I’m behind the screen, I want to tell something. Not just about a new outfit, but a real story. ‘Carry on’, Tim Gunn would say. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do! But in a different way.

So here’s a list of a few of my goals for this year, and hopefully I’m able to get a grip on them. I also made some business goals for myself, but might share them later in another post with more context.

2019 GOALS

• Spend not more than 3 hours a day on my phone (sometimes I spend 6 fucking hours a day… INSANE)
• Don’t gift gifts anymore, but experiences. I really hate to spend money on useless gifts for someone’s birthday, so I decided to only gift experiences from now on.
• Read more books and magazines instead of blogs.
• Go on a solo trip every year (I never travelled alone before this trip at sea, and now I want more. Next one will be abroad. If you have any tips, please let me know!).
• Do more with my hands. I want to learn new crafts with different workshops, from making ceramics (like I did here) to learning to sew. And again, if you have nice ideas for me to try out, I want to hear from you!
• Invest in good basics and essentials, get rid of the hype stuff. Bye Supreme. (selling lots on United Wardrobe if you’re interested)
• Buy less in general.
• Buy with a more conscious mind, no fast fashion allowed. Invest in durable brands, who care about the environment and production processes.

And last but not least: make my dream trip to Japan. And guess what, we are going in October! Looking SOOOO FORWARD TO THIS. I have this huge addiction with everything Japanese (hello Terrace House.. hehe), and now it’s time to finally go there and see the culture, architecture and nature by myself. I’m already busy planning out the trip, but so hard to choose from all the beautiful places. If you have some must visits for me, please slide into my DM so I can consider them all.

Okay, enough for now. Hope you like to read more posts like this and I will definitely do my best to keep it personal while still trying to inspire you with my outfits. If you have any questions or feedback for me, don’t hesitate to get in touch through my Instagram. And let me know what your goals are, we might inspire each other as well. See you!

Wearing | Coat: Cos | Knitted sweater: Adnym Atelier | Denim trousers: Weekday | Bag: Yvette van Eijndhoven (Nikky bag) | Magazine: Kinfolk | Sneakers: New Balance | Hat: Reality Studio

Pictures by Yvette van Eijndhoven