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How to find the perfect place for your plant in a minimalistic interior

Now that I’m older, my affection for greenery and flowers has been starting to grow more and more. I might have to thank my boyfriend for that, because plants are an unmissable part of the artworks he makes. He teached me how to observe the botanical world very closely, and I’m hooked ever since. I even dedicated one of my tattoo’s to it (which you can read more about in a future post, I promise).

Nowadays I can watch plants all day long: how the light reflects on their leaves, how they open up during the day and close at night, how they grow in different directions and eventually how they soak up the water and sunlight. Since I have my own appartment, I’m kinda beaten by it. My boy and I collected a good selection of plants, but now we’re struggling a bit to find the right place, after all you have to do justice to each one of them.

So to help myself out, and hopefully others as well, I’ve gathered some lovely inspiration on how to successfully integrate plants in a minimalistic interior. And don’t forget to take these rules in mind while doing it:

Get to know the light in your home

It’s important you get to know the light in your home by observing it. It’s the best way to figure out what plants you can accommodate and where to place them.

North to south facing windows

North-facing windows don’t receive much light while southern windows tend to be sunny for the most part of the day. Eastern and western windows are sunny for a part of the day. But count trees, shrubs or buildings in as well as they can be a light blocker.

Do not overwater

Water your plants only when the potting mix feels dry, over watering is often the cause of indoor plant death, and you definitely don’t want that. Check it by pushing your finger into the soil, if it comes out without any trace of soil on it, you can water your plant. Remember that plants may need more frequent watering during the summer period.

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