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Less is More | Museum Voorlinden

Last week my boyfriend and I were invited by Museum Voorlinden for another #emptyvoorlinden meet-up. This time it’s all about the ‘Less is More’ exhibition. Like the name already suggests, the expo questions our Western habits about always wanting more in an era where our living standards are higher than ever. Why are we never satisfied?

A question that comes to my mind lately more and more as well. I try to be more conscious when it comes to consuming. I want to contribute to a healthy planet, and fashion is quite the opposite. It’s one of the top-5 most polluting industries in the world, alongside the oil industry. Shocking right? Consuming becomes more addictive, and we buy more clothing and stuff than we need. Stacey Dooley captured fashion’s dirty secrets in a shocking documentary, and I highly recommend to watch it. I found this one that’s available to watch until March 7th, so please do while you can. It’s a true eye opener.

Luckily there’s a counter-movement emerging. Think of durable, sustainable fashion, but also the Tiny House movement, chefs that promote simple authentic dishes, and gurus like Marie Kondo and her successful tips on reducing clutter. (I did not like her Netflix series though, but that’s one I will save for later haha).

Anyway, it seems we find new meaning in buying less and to choose well. Minimalism became a way of life. And it also shows in the art scene starting in the ’60’s until today: artists are once again seizing on minimalistic principles. Reuse, organise and reduction. The Less is More exhibition by Museum Voorlinden demonstrates how artists are returning to the essence of things: a new start and a clean slate.

During the #emptyvoorlinden event we had the chance to see the works of Jan Schoonhoven, Ann Veronica Janssens, Liza Lou, Pascale Marthine, Ai Wei Wei, Alicja Kwade, Eva Rothschild, Miroslaw Balka, Kishio Suga among others in an empty museum to take the perfect ‘minimal’ shots while getting inspired by their artworks and personal takes on the Less is More movement. Enjoy our recap down below, and let me know your thoughts!

Less is More is now on show at Museum Voorlinden. Find more info here.