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Soft and natural

Lately I’ve been trying to create a lower impact on my environment. It’s just small steps, but every step counts, right? Think of taking short showers, carry a reusable drinking bottle, use my own grocery shopping bag, avoid fast fashion and recycle clothing. Oh, and my bike is my best friend ;)

But I would’ve never thought you can also create a lower impact by using consciously created underwear. And that’s exactly what Organic Basics is all about. They make soft, natural essentials, made from TENCEL™ Lyocell. Fabrics that care about the environment too.

Softer than silk, smoother than cotton. Like a second layer of skin. I teamed up once again with my talented girl Robin Lois to create a story that represents that.

Enjoy the outcome down below and make sure to explore Organic Basics‘ underwear line. Psst.. use my code ‘CHLOEBC’ for a little bit of discount. (Valid until the 24th of June.)