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A talk with fashion designer Melissa Araujo

It’s time to introduce you to a new column on un-cluttered: ‘A Talk With’. In this section I’ll catch up with like-minded individuals who inspire me on a daily base with their unique approach on minimalism. For this first column I reached out to fashion designer Melissa Araujo who I’ve virtually met on Instagram a while ago and keeps surprising me ever since with her effortless style and minimalistic designs. Melissa runs her own clothing label inspired by architecture and geometric shapes with a timeless feel to it. In this way Melissa’s allowing modern women to wear the pieces year around as a statement or a staple piece. Hi Melissa, please introduce yourself! “I am originally from Brazil, moved to Canada to pursue a Marketing Degree, but once I finished, realized it was not as creative as I thought it would be. As I was deciding on what to do next with my professional life, I started to remember that many of my friends were always asking where I bought my clothes and where they …