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Transitions with Harmony Paris & AÃRK Collective

I recently got asked by Harmony Paris to do a small collaboration with them, and Fall season couldn’t have a better start for me. I picked their white ‘Siegrid’ sweater with the ‘Naïve’ embroidery to work with, and obviously I made the right decision. Forget about darker colors, I’m going for transition whites, the best way to gear up for the colder season. The Parisian label creates ready-to-wear collections for both women and men, set up by David Obadia (also known from the BWGH brand). Harmony brings the world of classic tailoring together with sportswear-inspired silhouettes, with a simple, refined and wearable look as a result. Ever since they brought out their first collection one year ago, I could see me wearing every single piece, including the menswear line. It’s pretty clear Harmony is one of my fave street-inspired brands, so to be working together is a little dream come true! I’m wearing the cozy sweater (it’s super soft!) with the Marble Carrara watch from AÃRK Collective, a collaboration between the Australian watch brand and …


Wearing ÃARK Collective 002 Collection

For those who have been following me for a while, know I’ve collaborated in the past with Melbourne-based watch label AÃRK Collective for an Instagram takeover of 7 days. For those who haven’t, you can take a look at this awesome project here and here. AÃRK now presents their newest collection, 002, which develops the brand’s signature minimalist aesthetic and playful approach to detail. While 001 explored an interaction between color and geometric shapes, 002 draws inspiration from the ideas of time and space. The watches are even named after the physical phenomenon or principle that inspired it: Shell, Eon, Tide & Eclipse. Once I saw their newest collection, I immediately knew I wanted to wear the Shell white watch. A piece which is defined by its playful charm, and pays, in my opinion, a tribute to the classic watch design. The unique patterning case ensures you there’s no two Shells that are the same. Sounds perfect right? Wearing: AÃRK Collective Shell White – Vanilia skirt – H&M top – Nike Air Max 1 Essential …