When life gives you lemons

Me and Berdine are back! A while ago we had our first collaboration, which you can see here. And we thought it was about time for something fresh and new, so here it is… Nothing beats a fresh lemon right?! ;P For those who don’t know Berdine yet, she’s a bag/accessory designer where sustainability plays a mayor role. Everything she makes is made by hand, creating timeless, minimal and unisex designs. As she likes to say by herself: “every item I design is made with love for perfection.” And that’s no lie! Two weeks ago we met up for the first time in real life (which is always a bit weird when you talk to each other on the gram on a weekly base), and from the first minute we saw each other, it felt like we were really good friends. Friends with the same taste for aesthetics, and friends with the same vision on fashion, durability and sustainability. We had a real connection going on there. After a super delicious lunch, the sweet Berdine …

Out of office

Sometimes you just want to escape your daily workspace to find a new focus elsewhere. And sometimes the solution is so easy: a concrete office, the best clean desk there is. No clutter, no dishes waiting for you, no dog screaming for attention. Only concrete floors and walls you can talk to. Sounds perfect to me. *Out of office Wearing & using: Berdine The Minimal XL & The Sleeve | Apple Macbook 13″ | Moss Copenhagen denim trousers | Nike Air Max 98 runners |