Urban Aesthetics with ONU

I would like to introduce you to ONU. They create everyday pieces combined with performance elements. A perfect blend as I love to wear sportive basics, especially when it carries functional features as well. When I saw their second collection – designed by Christina Liao – their breathable raincoat immediately caught my eye. From the outside the coat looks like a normal raincoat with minimal aesthetics. But when you take a closer look you will notice the coat features multiple design secrets towards motion and durability. The hidden seams enable movement, there’s a quick magnetic closure and a waist drawcord for a sleeker look. The outer shell is breathable and made waterproof to keep you protected. Perfect to face unexpected weather, something you def need in my country during this season. For this look I’ve tried to style the technical raincoat in a playful vibe. Surrounded by modern architecture, I choose an outfit that totally blends in with the urban environment. Oversized cuts, loose trousers, multiple layers and a slight touch of femininity to it …


On a Coat hunt

Yep, it’s that time of the year again to search for a new coat to survive coming winter season with. Although I’m excited to add a new cover-up, i’m always struggling to find the perfect one. It’s a piece you are going to wear for almost every day during a period of 2 to 3 months, and therefore easy to get bored by really soon. And don’t forget it has to match with your entire wardrobe (that’s where the hard part comes in). Investing in the right piece is the real challenge in here, so I decided to go on an online coat hunt first. These online treasures pretty much sums up my list of dream coats, yes, dream coats as most of them are too expensive for the current state of my wallet… But it can be really good coatspiration instead while searching for a more affordable one. Or maybe, maybe I just win the lottery and buy them all. (dreaming won’t hurt right?!) Charlie May Alpaca Coat – €1030,- &Other Stories Wool Blend …