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My 5 favorite pairs of sneakers for Team Cozy

It’s time to get cozy with me, as I recently was part of The Cozy Community by submitting my 5 favorite pairs of sneakers for Team Cozy. This Instagram driven platform, curated by @takubeats and @bludshot, expresses a devotion to the most appealing sneakers out there supported by a very dedicated Instagram community. If you are ever in a need of some serious sneaker heat, Team Cozy is the place to be. I was very honored I got asked by Regan (Taku) to curate my own Cozy Top 5, as I’m a huge sneaker enthusiast. Even though you won’t see me strolling around in bold colored kicks or an all-over printed pair, I do appreciate a classic design with a modern feel to it. If you are following me on Instagram, it’s no surprise I’m a mayor white addict. But for this curation I wanted to be more diverse, and looked further than my white, white and, yes, white sneaker collection. A really hard decision, and I have to admit I felt some guilt towards …