Berlin Fashion Week diary

Last week Berlin Fashion Week took place from 3-5 July. When I saw the invitations coming in, there was no doubt. This time I would go and visit. And this time I brought one of my besties with me, Chiyen Lam. Chiyen is a friend I know through Instagram long long time ago. We – my boyfriend and I – published her work back in the days through our online magazine THRLD, and the contact still remained. If you watch my Stories, I’m pretty sure you saw her face pop up ;) So funny how E-friends (you know, people you know from the internets), can turn into one of your closest friends. Meet Chiyen Lam So who is this girl? She def deserves a proper introduction if you don’t know her already. Chiyen is a Fashion Design graduate at the Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam. During her study she lived and worked for half a year in London while doing an internship at fashion label House of Sunny. She returned, graduated and she’s now a …

A talk with jewelry
designer Renathe from

Meet jewelry designer Renathe Todal Tande from StillWithYou! I recently reached out to this lady for this ‘A Talk With’ column as she continues to inspire me with her effortless taste for jewelry. Renathe started the StillWithYou studio only a few years ago and her pieces are now worn in over 30 countries all over the world. The Copenhagen-based jewelry designer has this weak spot for dark, minimalist silver pieces, she works mainly with raw crystals and delivers a strong focus on longevity both in style and quality. As she describes ‘staple pieces for the minimalist’. After I found out about SWY through Instagram, I thought it was about time to get to know her and Renathe’s latest collection designs a little bit better, so here we go! Hi Renathe, please introduce yourself! “I am orginally from Norway and moved to Copenhagen in 2010 after studying political science in the south of Norway. I started making jewelry as a hobby in December 2010, and now run StillWithYou studio in Copenhagen.” You’re a jewelry designer and …