modern art


Exposition: Ann Veronica Janssens at De Pont

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I went to visit one of my fave museums in my country: De Pont in Tilburg. The exposition from Ann Veronica Janssens just had opened but I already heard good stories about it. A perfect excuse to visit this inspiring modern art place again. The work of Ann Veronica Janssens is all about light, color and space. She creates true magic with her sculptures and installations, making the invisible visible. I love how her work interacts with her audience, so you even become part of the artwork yourself. For me, the highlight of the exposition is Ann’s ‘white cube’ experience. It’s a cube filled with mist, which you can enter and explore. Okay, what’s so special about it you must think. It’s the way Ann uses the presence of different lights, which makes you disorientate completely. It was a real challenge to find the walls of the cube, and I even started to think if I was all alone in there (there are only 5 people allowed at …


Museum Voorlinden

A few weeks ago I was finally able to visit Museum Voorlinden, a contemporary art museum in Wassenaar. Officially opened in September 2016, showcasing Joop van Caldenborgh’s private collection. Also known as the Caldic Collection, the biggest private art collection of The Netherlands. The Caldic Collection involves pieces collected since the early seventies, and consists of paintings, sculptures, collages and photography works from the 20th century. Think of names like Ai WeiWei, Damien Hirst, James Turrell (Skyspace), Richard Serra (Open Ended) and Ron Mueck (Couple under an umbrella). Next to the continiously collection, they also host temporarily exhibitions. The time I visited the museum brought an ode to artist Ellsworth Kelly, known for his large format paintings in clear shape and colours. The first solo exhibition of the American artist in The Netherlands since 1979. (It’s still on display until January 8 if you like to experience). In addition to works of famous artists, the museum also impresses with its architecture. Designed by Dirk Jan Postel from Kraaijvanger, the building exists of two layers (upper …