Raw Frays & White Denims

Even though the temperatures are dropping, it’s never too late to wear skirts and crop tops during fall- and wintertime. Just plan some fancy clubbin’ with friends or a cozy dinner with the boy (or anything else that takes place inside, obviously), and you have the perfect excuse to pull it out your wardrobe. This set from House of Sunny has that minimalistic vibe all over it, well executed with thick white denim, large frontpockets and subtle raw finishing. It definitely shows off some skin on the back (which is perfectly fine! and sexy!) but it can be a little cold for now so throw it over with a sweat or coat and you’re ready to take off. To finish the clean look I’m wearing some lovely jewellery pieces from StillWithYou (remember my interview with designer Renathe?), and a white/silver watch from Charlize Watches. Where would you go with this outfit? Let me know in the comment section below, I’m really curious!

A talk with jewelry
designer Renathe from

Meet jewelry designer Renathe Todal Tande from StillWithYou! I recently reached out to this lady for this ‘A Talk With’ column as she continues to inspire me with her effortless taste for jewelry. Renathe started the StillWithYou studio only a few years ago and her pieces are now worn in over 30 countries all over the world. The Copenhagen-based jewelry designer has this weak spot for dark, minimalist silver pieces, she works mainly with raw crystals and delivers a strong focus on longevity both in style and quality. As she describes ‘staple pieces for the minimalist’. After I found out about SWY through Instagram, I thought it was about time to get to know her and Renathe’s latest collection designs a little bit better, so here we go! Hi Renathe, please introduce yourself! “I am orginally from Norway and moved to Copenhagen in 2010 after studying political science in the south of Norway. I started making jewelry as a hobby in December 2010, and now run StillWithYou studio in Copenhagen.” You’re a jewelry designer and …