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Tourist in your own hometown

Spending a night away in your own hometown as a tourist, is something I’ve always wanted to experience. It allows you to see the city where you grew up, from a different point of view. So when the new Student Hotel invited us for a night over, my boy & I obviously couldn’t resist.

The Student Hotel recently opened their doors in Eindhoven, and now welcomes everyone to their hybrid utopia. Not only students as you might think, but also curious city-explorers, tourists, young professionals and locals. This new presence didn’t go unnoticed. As a matter of fact: you could call them the new eyecatcher in our ‘skyline’. The building points almost 80 metres into the sky, which makes it an impressive appearance. They host different facilities; from a gym to a library, long & short-stay rooms, lounge spots and bar-restaurant The Pool for some appetizing breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh, and cocktails!

So Jordi and I grabbed some stuff together (what do you pack for one night when living around the corner?) and checked-in on a Saturday night. But from the moment we entered the building, we already felt the touristic vibes coming. A brand new surrounding, stepping into a fresh room, packing out your bags (I ended up bringing way too much stuff oops) and eventually enjoying a dazzling view from the 23rd floor. After we were settled in for a bit, we went downstairs to The Pool where a fulfilling dinner awaited us. We ended our night sipping on cocktails, and more cocktails… (And a really bad movie at the cinema, but let’s just skip that part.)

The relaxing vibe of the hotel de-stressses you instantly. The staff is super friendly, the guests are easy-going and the design interior surprises you. Especially the pink hallway (!!!) and yellow accents in The Pool are refreshing. And of course I’m a sucker for industrial ceilings, concrete floors, stairs and bright daylight. All that combined creates a lust for the eye.

Being a tourist in our own city, is def a concept we’ll be revisiting in the future. A getaway around the corner, but you still feel renewed & inspired when coming home again :)! Thanks TSH for having us!




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