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Ungendered outfits with ‘Same Difference’ by Highsnobiety

I’m so moved by this ‘Same Difference’ editorial by Highsnobiety, in which they try to capture ungendered outfits and, are “highlighting both at once the versatility of fashion and a lack of disparity between silhouettes”, as they describe it.

If I look at myself, I’ve always tried to look further than the ‘girl’ labeled clothing, and you can find me even more on menswear departments now. And I’m definitely not ashamed of admitting it. As I already explained in a previous interview with OUI BONJOUR, I feel like menswear clothing is more comfortable to me as they have a better fit and a clean look for most of the time. Browsing through menswear clothing also makes me feel unbound as I can decide for myself what I want to wear and how. Luckily the rise of unisex clothing is significant and already here for a while, but then again, it’s labeled as ‘unisex’ clothing.

I’ve always been fantasizing in my head about how the world would look like if you had no gender specific clothing. What if you walked into a store and there were no arrows pointing at you to lead you the way to the right men’s or women’s department. What if people would look more at the shape, form and function of clothing, rather than just the gender of it?

I know this is something we or the fashion industry are not ready for, yet. With ‘Same Difference’ I do hope you get an indication of how this gender-neutral world would look like and enjoy it at the same time (and you might try to visit the menswear department more often, who’s with me?).









Photographer: Pani Paul
Art Direction: Lola Paprocka
Stylist: Vincent Levy
Hair: Maki Tanaka
Makeup: Ruth Brophy using Mac
Models: Kiki Boreel, Darwin Gray

Brands: ACNE Studios, Topman, Xander Zhou, Sunspel, Andrea Pompilio, Astrid Andersen, Vivienne Westwood, Thrasher, adidas, Craig Green x Champion, Lee Roach, Bernhard Wilhelm, Marques Almeida, Peir Wu, Calvin Klein Jeans, Martine Rose.