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When two become one with EFFRA


I’m so excited to share this new collaboration with London based jewelry brand EFFRA, known for their unisex, minimalistic pieces. I’ve worked with the brand a few months ago (catch it here) and we wanted to create a new series which highlights the special connection between my boyfriend and I. EFFRA was the perfect companion in this, as we both share the same values when it comes to clean silhouettes and contemporary design aesthetics.

‘When two become one’ really explains everything about my connection with Jordi and forms the base for this project. We’ve been together for almost nine years now and I can’t even imagine we would be separated anytime soon. He’s my soulmate, my best friend, my lover… He reads my mind and understands every part of me, even the weird parts. From teenage lovebirds to grown up partners, being where we are at now…

Describing your relationship in a few sentences is really difficult so let the following pictures tell our love story :)! #happyvalentinesday

All Accessories by EFFRA | Pictures by Elvira Porcedda










Special thanks to De Fabriek for using their amazing location